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Kenneth Waltz Has Died

- May 13, 2013

Kenneth Waltz passed away last night. Waltz was one of the most influential international relations scholars of his generation. I did not know him well, although I saw him not too long ago at a Georgetown event (he moved to the area recently). His influence was such that it is impossible not to know or teach his work if you are in international relations. My favorite book is Man, the State and War, which has withstood the test of time very well. I will post some more obituaries when they come in. Here are some thoughts by Dan Nexon at the Duck of Minerva.

Stephen Walt shares his memories here.


  • Foreign Affairs has made available some of Waltz’s writings. If you don’t know it already, read his work on nuclear proliferation and you get a sense of his original, rigorous, and controversial thinking.
  • Waltz expresses his perspective on a broad range of issues in his usual concise and clear manner in this recent interview.
  • Steve Saideman offers thoughts here.