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Ivory Tower Sexytime!

- January 18, 2009

A few days ago, Lee lamented the absence of “political scientist” from this list of best jobs.

Well, here’s a little consolation. Although they do not attempt to break down academics by field, Careerbuilder.com has put “university professor” on its list of “10 Sexy Careers You Never Thought Of.” They write:

bq. Behold the power of intellect: Someone who wasn’t even on your romantic radar suddenly becomes the target of your affection when you find out he or she is intelligent — or at least could be. Being a professor doesn’t make anyone an automatic genius, but chances are these academics have expertise in at least one field, can speak a second or third language and have ambition (seeing as they spent a hefty portion of their time earning a few degrees). Plus, if anyone can make glasses go from nerdy to sexy, they can.


To be sure, it’s true that professors are #10 on this list, below baristas and even mail carriers, but I think we should still be proud. Ambitiousnerdysexyproud.

[Hat tip to the very sexy Andy Karch.]