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Here’s An Interesting Idea….

- August 7, 2009

“Rejecta Mathematica”:http://math.rejecta.org/ is a new mathematics journal. Its mission statement:

bq. Rejecta Mathematica is an open access, online journal that publishes only papers that have been rejected from peer-reviewed journals (or conferences with comparable review standards) in the mathematical sciences. At Rejecta Mathematica we believe that many previously rejected papers (even those rejected for legitimate reasons) can nonetheless have a very real value to the academic community.

bq. All research papers appearing in Rejecta Mathematica include an open letter from the authors discussing the paper’s original review process, disclosing any known flaws in the paper and stating the case for the paper’s value to the community.

Any takers for political science? Here are some potential titles that Ted Brader and I came up with:

_Political Reanalysis_

_American Political Science Resubmits_ (APSR)

_American Journal of Political Seconds_ (AJPS)

We welcome additional suggestions in the comments below!

[Hat tip to “The Economist”:http://www.economist.com/displaystory.cfm?story_id=14119761]