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Guide to Today’s Russia Coverage at the Monkey Cage

- December 10, 2011

For those interested in a quick primer on recent developments in Russia, here’s a guide to our posts today:

* Andrew Little on applications to Russia of “theories of non-competitive elections”:http://tmc.org/blog/2011/12/09/noncompetitve-elections-and-information-a-theoretical-perspective-on-the-2011-russian-elections/
* Sam Greene on how Putinism has come to violate Russia’s “non-interference social contract”:http://tmc.org/blog/2011/12/09/the-russian-social-contract-as-an-increasingly-violated-non-intereference-pact/
* Regina Smyth on the dangers of “over-simplifying Russian politics”:http://tmc.org/blog/2011/12/09/the-complexity-that-is-current-russian-politics/
* Konstantin Sonin on the “meaning of the parliamentary elections”:http://tmc.org/blog/2011/12/09/a-resonant-signal-the-russian-parliamentary-elections-of-december-2011/
* Graeme Robertson on “the beginning of the end of Putinism as we know it”:http://tmc.org/blog/2011/12/09/the-beginning-of-the-end-of-the-putin-regime-as-we-have-known-it/