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Good Playlist: Labor politics ▶️

A labor politics scholar and her student share a couple of Good Playlists

- January 21, 2024

As colleagues at the nation’s largest public-university system – the 23-campus California State University (CSU) – prepare to go on strike Monday, one reached out to ask if we had a Good Playlist devoted to labor politics. We didn’t, so I walked down the hall to ask my colleague, Marissa Brookes.

Brookes is the author of The New Politics of Transnational Labor and co-directs UC Riverside’s Inland Empire Labor and Community Center. She shared with me a playlist that her student Ally Diaz created, inspired by a labor politics course Brookes taught in Spring 2022.

Brookes also used my query as an opportunity to create her own labor playlist. The subtitle of her playlist reads, “a work-in-progress as you work for progress.”

I’ll leave you with one song that didn’t make either playlist but that folks who have walked the picket line have likely heard.