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Finally, Some Good News for Democrats: Saints Win!

- February 8, 2010

According to a “recent report”:http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/pdf/PPP_Release_National_204.pdf from Public Policy Polling, Democrats were rooting for the Saints by a 36%-21% margin, while Republicans were narrowly pulling for the Colts by a 26%-25% margin. Interestingly, Independents looked much more like Democrats, preferring the Saints by 33%-20%. Alas, no info on Tea Party supporters.

Oh, and one other vaguely related point. I watched the Super Bowl (very late at night…) in Madrid, Spain, where we had the UK feed of the game. The commentator they had for expert studio analysis: the “Southern Methodist University wide receivers’ coach”:http://smu.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=1826. Despite the fact that we got a good laugh out of this when he was first announced, I have to admit he actually provided pretty good commentary.

[Hat Tip to “Pollster”:http://www.pollster.com/blogs/super_bowl_outliers.php.]