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Fellowship at the Sunlight Foundation

- August 9, 2011

This may be an opportunity some readers would find appealing:

bq. The Sunlight Foundation is seeking a social scientist who can help us create compelling visualizations, tell richer stories, and incorporate more of their discipline’s work into our own. Sunlight’s work frequently includes examinations of political influence. The questions surrounding this issue have been studied by political scientists, economists and sociologists for decades. We believe that our work can benefit from this tradition of scholarship; and we believe that the tools, technologies and practical expertise of Sunlight’s reporters and technologists could help to inform scholarly investigations of political influence. This fellowship is an effort to encourage cross-pollination between two communities that have been examining the same question from different perspectives. Through this fellowship we hope to foster the sharing of results from the established literature and your own work to Sunlight’s audience and team. This is a unique opportunity to bring your work to a larger audience and shape public understanding of how our political system operates. The ideal candidate will be a doctoral student or recent graduate of such a program, who possesses a background in quantitative social science, and whose research interests are related to political influence. He or she will be responsible for suggesting topics for visualizations, blog posts, infographics and other digital media that relate the news of the day to scholarly results and/or Sunlight data, and then working with Sunlight’s programmers, designers and reporters to bring those proposals to reality. This is the fellowship’s inaugural year. We hope and expect that the selected fellow will have a hand in shaping this position to our mutual benefit.

More here and details here.