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Experimental Methods Section in APSA: Update

- February 17, 2010

From my colleague “Rebecca Morton”:http://as.nyu.edu/object/RebeccaBMorton.html, with my wholehearted endorsement. Please note that you need to be a member of the American Political Science Association to sign.

bq. A group of experimentalists (including Eric Dickson, Don Green, and I) have set up a web site for members of APSA to sign a petition for a new organized section of APSA for experimental research. The section would support experimental research in the lab, field, and all other variants in research in comparative, American, political economy, and international politics. You can “read the petition and sign it at this location”:http://ps-experiments.ucr.edu/group. We need to have at least 200 members of apsa sign the petition by the end of the month or it will fail. So, if you are a member of apsa, and are supportive of experimental research, please sign the petition. We believe having an organized section will benefit many who do experimental research and we hope to succeed in our effort.


Update: We are now up to 264 signatures, in part due to a strong response from Monkey Cage readers last week. However, we are hoping to get at least 300 signatures to avoid problems with potential non-APSA members being on the petition and because we want to demonstrate that we should have no trouble eventually finding 250 dues paying members. So I’m re-posting this today for those of you who may have missed it last week.