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Election 2008: what really happened

- November 5, 2008

Since Andy wears many blogging hats, he sometimes forgets to put his other posts on on this blog. Using the election returns from CNN he gives a nice wrap up of the 2008 election and puts in context of the 2000 and 2004. His conclusions are:

1. The election was pretty close.
2. As with previous Republican candidates, McCain did better among the rich than the poor, but the pattern has changed among the highest-income categories.
3. The gap between young and old has increased–a lot.
4. Obama gained the most among ethnic minorities.
5. The red/blue map was not redrawn; it was more of a national partisan swing.
6. Finally, how did the pre-election polls do? Unsurprisingly, they pretty much nailed the national vote.

For more details (and of course some nice plots) see the post on the Red Blue Rich Poor blog.

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