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Comments Policy

- November 20, 2007

Three comments about our comments policy are in order. First, we’ll try to read all comments, but we won’t always want to get involved in the back-and-forth of debate within the comments section. This is solely because we have competing pressures on our time, and in no way reflects on the quality of the comments, the pressing nature of questions raised about our posts, etc.

Second, the comments section is currently open to everyone. Our moderation will have a light touch. Again, we don’t have enough time to engage in micro-management, even if we were of a mind to. However, we will step in if we feel that comments are off-topic, unnecessarily offensive, or involve too high a degree of personal vitriol. Please be civil.

Third, we strongly prefer that all comments have the author’s actual first and last names attached. We believe that this will significantly enhance any exchange of knowledge or ideas. We acknowledge that there may be strategic reasons for anonymity in certain circumstances, but we urge authors to identify themselves