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Coming Soon on “The Monkey Cage”: Guest Bloggers

- January 25, 2008

Beginning next week, The Monkey Cage will feature posts by occasional guest bloggers, who will join us for a week or two before returning to their normal earthly pursuits. We’re doing this because we recognize that lots of other people have interesting things to say and because we’re eager to broaden our scope beyond the interrelated set of topics that the three of us know best — political behavior, political psychology, campaigns and elections, public opinion, and, more broadly, American politics. So we’ll be inviting folks from comparative or international politics and political theory, or even sociology, psychology, media studies, or (perish the thought!) economics to sit in with us for a while.

We’ll start out small next week (a play on words for those who know our first guest bloggers) with contributions by two specialists in American political institutions, our GW political science colleagues Forrest Maltzman and Sarah Binder. Stay tuned for what we expect to be some interesting posts.

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