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Coffee Again

- January 25, 2009


A while back, I wrote an item about what awful stuff coffee is, here, for which I was viciously and unfairly attacked by legions of crazed coffee drinkers.

However, I subsequently read a news report that cast coffee in a more positive light, and being ever the soul of enlightenment and sweet reason, I posted an account of that report, here.

Well, it just keeps getting worse and worse. Now there’s a new report that coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer dementia, here. Maybe this is why I’m getting less and less able to remember anything. Anyway, I’m hoping that the pendulum is going to swing back in the other direction. Nothing that tastes so terrible could possibly be good for you. “God does not play at dice.” If He’d wanted us to drink something that’s good for us, he would have made it taste good.