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Bloomberg for VEEP?

- May 28, 2008

John Heilemann of the New York Magazine, makes an interesting case for Mayor Bloomberg for Veep – for either McCain or Obama. Heilemann notes that Bloomberg does nothing in the electoral math deparment for either candidate. NY is going Obama. However, if you’re willing to “stretch your mind a bit” and believe that the economy will be the central issue in the election, then Bloomberg has something to offer both candidates – his entrepreneurial background and “financial stewardship” of Gotham. Specifically, he could help McCain in FL, NJ and PA, and Obama in FL. There’s a host of reasons why McCain and Obama shouldn’t pick Bloomberg, and Heilemann goes through as well, but it is an interesting idea.

PS Of course the real reason for pushing Bloomberg as VEEP is that New Yorkers feel like they should have someone on the national stage since, for a fleeting moment, they thought they were going to have an all NY contest for the presidency – Giuliani vs Clinton.