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Bad writing

- November 8, 2008

With all due respect to those who consider themselves good writers, I personally am absolutely astonished by all the bad writing I see. It shows up everywhere, 24/7, so at the end of the day it’s a nightmare. None of this garbage should of been written. It’s not rocket science to write good English, but at this moment in time it’s only fairly unique people who can express themselves clearly.

Okay, class: What do you make of what I just said? Take a moment. Study it. Ponder it. Digest it. Assess it.

I hope you hated it — not the substance, but the style or lack thereof.

Why? Because into that one short paragraph I crammed all ten of what researchers at Oxford have rated as the most irritating phrases in the English language. For the gory details, click here.

Now ask yourself how many of those oh-so-irritating phrases have crept into your own speaking and writing. And then do something about it. Please.

[Hat tip to University Diaries]

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