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Articles on Military Intervention Ungated by SAGE

- August 29, 2013

Good news!  Sage Press has generously decided to ungate all of the Sage Press articles referenced by Erica Chenoweth in her recent series of posts on military interventions here at The Monkey Cage.  They are now available free to all (for I believe the next 30 days) here:

From: Do Military Interventions Hasten the End of Civil Wars?:  Third-party Interventions and the Duration of Intrastate Conflicts (now ungated)

From: Do Military Interventions Reduce Killings of Civilians in Civil Wars?Armed Intervention and civilian victimization in intrastate conflicts (now ungated)

From: How do Military Interventions Affect Human Rights Practices?Does Foreign Military Intervention Help Human Rights? (now ungated)

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