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After Massachussetts

- January 20, 2010

Political scientists Jacob Hacker and Dan Hopkins have an op-ed in today’s Washington Post entitled “After Massachusetts, why the Democrats should still pass health-care reform.” They advocate the strategy Erik mentions below (i.e., the House passes the Senate bill). Find their piece here.

My only qualm involves this claim:

bq. Those disenchanted liberals are not going to vote for Republicans. They might stay home if Democrats do not remind them that they want to do more on health care down the road. But they are much more likely to stay home if a bill doesn’t pass.

After the failure of the Clinton health care plan, it didn’t appear that Democrats were demobilized. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in 2010, but I think it’s safer to bet that committed liberals — already likely voters to being with — can be mobilized via other means, even if health care reform fails again.