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A one-item Philosophy of Human Nature test

- May 22, 2009

Here’s a test of your philosophy of human nature.

A woman is making a video of her son, who is practicing skateboarding on a bike path. She quickly turns her camera to a near-by road, where an elderly lady is waiting to cross and a car has stopped to wait for her to do so. The driver apparently loses patience and honks loudly at her. Apparently irritated by the honking, as she passes, she bangs the front end of his car (an Audi convertible) very sharply with her purse. So sharply, indeed, that it causes the driver’s side airbag to deploy. At the end of the video, the driver is just starting to get out of his car.

You can watch the episode for yourself (and you might want to watch twice to pick up all the details) if you wish to do so. (The giggles you’ll hear are from the woman who’s taking the video, not from the principals.)

Here, finally, is the test:

What do you think is the first thing the driver is going to do after he gets out of the car?

1. Check the front of the car for damages.
2. Run up the path and apologize to the lady for his rudeness.
3. Run up the path and accost the lady for trying to damage his car.

Or, just to expand the options:

4. (1) and (2).
5. (1) and (3).
6. (1) and (3) and then proceed directly to Starbucks for yet another cuppa?
7. None of the above. Instead, he will [supply your own answer].

Monkey Cage readers, what say you? Leave your answer and explanation in the comments section.

UPDATE: Mea culpa. The convertible is definitely a Mercedes, as a couple of readers have commented.

[Hat tip to Maurice East for providing the wmv that prompted me to devise the test]

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