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A new kind of spam

- May 28, 2009

I just received the following unsolicited email:

Dear Dr. Gelman,

I have seen your article “Direct data manipulation for local decision analysis as applied to the…” in the Risk Anal, 2005, and I thought you would be interested in evaluation of our Pathway Studio 6.0 (including pathway analysis software, molecular interaction database, and text mining tool) for pathway, molecular interaction, and experimental data analysis.

With Pathway Studio you can use accumulated published biological knowledge in conjunction with experimental findings to advance mechanistic understanding of disease:

* Identify relationships among genes, proteins, small molecules, cell processes, etc. and build disease pathways
* Analyze gene expression, proteomics, and other high throughput data: reconstruct pathways, find targets and regulators
* Update the database on-the-fly with recently published information and protein interaction data from experiments.

If you are interested, learn more and sign up for evaluation here: . . .

Kind regards,

Natalia Alexandrova
Tel: 240-453-6296
Fax: 240-453-9026
email: natal@ariadnegenomics.com

Why did this spam offend me so much? Somehow I feel like scientific communication should be above this sort of crap–sending a robot to find the emails of all authors of scientific publications and promoting some kind of crap that virtually nobody would be interested in? Ugh. I hate liars.