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A Federal Skybox Bailout

- October 19, 2008


bq. Alas, the status of sports as a psychological buttress is now under ferocious attack. Sports franchises cannot survive without immense support from corporations. An overwhelming source of revenue is generated by leasing luxury boxes. But now, with some of the most revered corporations in American going under, sports teams can no longer count on the inexhaustible revenue stream generated by these behemoths.

That’s Joe Queenan in the Wall Street Journal, building a case that the federal government should do a skybox bailout at sports arenas as part of its response to the current financial disarray.

bq. Without the emotional uplift provided to the American people by the ministrations of the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and yes, event he Utah Jazz, this society could descend into a maelstrom of depression from which it never re-emerges.

It’s a cute piece, as you can see for yourself by clicking here.