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Jonathan Nagler

Latinos who use Spanish-language social media get more misinformation

That could affect their votes – and their safety from covid-19.

Twitter amplifies conservative politicians. Is it because users mock them?

Our research suggests conservative politicians are ‘ratioed’ more often. That may explain why they’re in your timeline.

Which Republicans are most likely to think the election was stolen? Those who dislike Democrats and don’t mind white nationalists.

That includes plenty of Republicans with college educations

Twitter put warning labels on hundreds of thousands of tweets. Our research examined which worked best.

Without a hard block, tweets continue to spread — especially tweets by President Trump

It’s not easy for ordinary citizens to identify fake news

And fake coronavirus news is no exception.

Biden and Sanders are debating tonight. What got Twitter users buzzing during past Democratic debates?

We checked. No candidate’s issues broke out ahead of the rest.

Think celebrities get punished for being political? In fact, they get retweeted.

Michael Jordan’s supposed dictum — “Republicans buy sneakers, too” — may be outdated.

Who was most likely to share fake news in 2016? Seniors.

What’s the strategy of Russia’s Internet trolls? We analyzed their tweets to find out.

Could anything – even Taylor Swift – boost the youth vote in 2018?