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Jessica Trisko Darden

Ukraine’s military policy puts women in headlines, but not front lines

New research explores the hurdles for Ukrainian servicewomen, as well as for other women who wish to participate in the war effort

In Ukraine and other conflicts, measuring the human cost is important. It’s also very difficult.

The battle over casualties in the Ukraine war is just beginning

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Young protesters are using gender as a weapon to mock and shame the military dictatorship

What the new ‘Mulan’ movie gets right about women in combat

Women can be bad guys, too.

Should the U.S. only give foreign aid to its friends? Well, define ‘friends.’

The Philippines just extended martial law. How far will Duterte go to stop terrorism?

Federal disaster aid for Puerto Rico isn’t foreign aid — but Trump acts that way

Duterte has put part of the Philippines under martial law. Here’s how dangerous that can be.

Warfare isn’t just a man’s game anymore

What the search for Flight MH370 tells us about national security in Asia