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Gabriele Magni

Brazil’s presidential runoff is between two populists

Bolsonaro and Lula supporters alike show a preference for anti-traditional politics and strong leadership, a new survey shows

HBO’s new show explores HIV in the 1980s. 40 years later, stigma and prejudice are still going strong.

Our research examines why so few people with HIV hold public office.

Had LGBT voters stayed home, Trump might have won the 2020 presidential election

In 2020, more U.S. voters identified as LGBT than ever before. Here’s where it mattered most.

11 openly LGBTQ lawmakers will take their seats in the next Congress. That’s a record in both numbers and diversity.

The “rainbow wave” hit state legislatures, as well.

Openly LGBTQ candidates are running in record numbers — again

Numbers and diversity are increasing every election cycle. Here’s why.

The ‘Trump Pride’ rally won’t win over LGBTQ voters. So why hold it?

Welcome to “homonationalism,” or justifying anti-immigrant policies by arguing that immigrants threaten gay rights.

Pelosi called Trump ‘morbidly obese.’ Voters don’t like overweight candidates.

Our new study looks at how weight matters in politics.

The 2018 blue wave included quite a few LGBT wins — even though voters are still wary of gay and trans candidates.