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Dina Smeltz

Liberal Democrats are more hawkish than you might think

They’re the ones who endorse military support for Ukraine, Taiwan and other places when there’s a threat to human rights or democracy.

Russians think they’re engaged in a heroic struggle with the West

A new survey finds that the public in Russia believes President Vladimir Putin’s rationale for the ‘military operation’ in Ukraine.

Trump and his advisers are probably wrong about what foreign policy Americans want

But, then, so are most foreign policy elites. Here’s what they’re missing.

Would Iranians welcome a new nuclear deal? Think again.

Trump’s withdrawal has made its citizens cynical about negotiations.

A new survey shows that the Republican Party is not the party of Trump

New poll shows Russians are defiant in face of U.S. sanctions

Republicans used to fear Russians. Here’s what they think now.

There is little evidence that terrorist attacks help Donald Trump

Did Tim Kaine need to flip his position on the TPP to win Sanders’s supporters? Nope.

On immigration and trade, it’s Republican elites, not Donald Trump, who are out of step with party’s voters