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Christopher Stout

What did we learn from the 2022 U.S. midterm elections?

The TMC 2022 roundups: U.S. elections

A transition for TMC (The Monkey Cage): Moving on from The Washington Post

We’re grateful to The Post and excited about our next chapter

In a first, House Democrats elected a Black leader. Here’s what that means.

Hakeem Jeffries will be the next House minority leader. That could affect national politics in these four ways.

Tina Kotek was elected governor of Oregon, thanks to these 3 factors

After an unexpectedly tight race, Oregon’s streak of Democratic governors continues.

Democrats are losing White women. Will repealing Roe bring them back?

Possibly, if it’s combined with a strong mobilization strategy, research suggests

More and more candidates are campaigning on racially charged issues. That could backfire in office.

Winning was easy. Governing is harder.

Big-name Democrats are campaigning in Virginia’s race for governor. Does that help candidates?

They won’t change minds. But Obama, Abrams and Bottoms are likely to help get more Black voters to cast ballots.

Rep. Maxine Waters voiced the anger of many Black Americans. That’s important, politically.

When elected officials voice community anger, citizens feel heard — and get more politically involved.

Identity politics can help Biden win in November

Appeals for racial equity can motivate Democrats to vote.

What helps non-black people support Black Lives Matter? A signal from someone in their own ethnic group.

Our surveys uncover how this messaging works